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About us

Who we are

IPFMA is a highly regarded institution known for its outstanding workplace training programs. Our focus is on elevating the competency of your entire staff across various committees and departments, ensuring that your entire team possesses a shared set of knowledge and skills at a higher standard.

Our Mission

A customer-centric organization that sustainably drives client success through consultancy and training with a priority emphasis on real knowledge transfer driven by client vision, environmental data, and facts.

Why train with International PFM Academy?

Our practical, hands-on programs guarantee workplace transformation by ensuring that members learn how to customize & implement interventions suitable for deployment in different circumstances. Our hands-on programs ensure a transformative experience in the workplace, guaranteeing that participants acquire the skills to adapt and implement customized interventions for various situations.

Programes We Offer

We provide a range of programs designed to create sustainable, long-term value by enabling individuals to continuously enhance and improve their skills.

Public Finance Management

Records Management

Performance Management

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