Performance Management Training

Reskilling, Upskilling, and New skilling (RUN APPROACH) – With the technology and change of situations for example Covid – 19, and constricted budgets, Training of Trainers(ToT) is the way to go. Institutions need to embrace this framework for training potential instructors or subject matter experts to enable them to train other people in their organizations. The course will develop essential training skills and promote a clear understanding of how to teach effectively, leaving participants energized and well-equipped to deliver quality training sessions that will draw out the best input to get the best results from your audience.

Target Group management team and your executive team.In this era of extreme competition, one of the strategies to be a successful organization is to attract potential candidates for any particular post and retain the key employees to have a better and highly motivated workforce. Our program expands evaluation methods for employees' performance and management.

It focuses on analyzing performance management processes, using transformational leadership techniques, and achieving various benefits such as improved productivity, goal alignment, enhanced feedback and coaching, identification of development needs, increased employee engagement and motivation, support for succession planning, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.
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